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Blogs 17 September 2023

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Climate Change Challenges

Climate change is an urgent global challenge that demands immediate action. Its impact is felt across various aspects of our lives, from extreme weather events to the depletion of biodiversity and rising sea levels.

Case studies 4 August 2022

RISE 2030: Women for results

The first all-women solar team in Lebanon challenges the gender stereotypes in the male-dominated construction sector

News 10 April 2022

Mumbai heatwave leaves fewer fish in the sea for women sellers

News 17 March 2022

Leaders call for collective action, elevating marginalized voices and women in decision making roles beyond COVID-19

During the 66th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66), UN Women hosted a side event entitled “Beyond COVID-19: Advancing gender responsive policies on climate, care and jobs for a sustainable and equal future”.

News 7 March 2022

Women reap the rewards of planting mangroves in Bangladesh

News 27 February 2022

Five ways to build gender equality and sustainability

News 19 January 2022

Incomes dip for South Asia's women home workers as heat rises

Women's perspectives 14 November 2021

Women are helping others build alternative livelihoods

Katarina has established a fish hatchery, as a source of juvenile fish for new farmers, helping build their resilience.

Blogs 12 November 2021

Why gender-responsive disaster risk management matters in the private sector

When the private sector invests in building the resilience of their assets – whether capital, facilities, or employees – it contributes to strengthening local resilience. Working with women on such issues is also an opportunity for greater impact and fast

Blogs 4 November 2021

Connecting gender, the private sector, and disaster risk management

A need for gender-responsive disaster risk management in the private sector.

Case studies 31 October 2021

How the fisherwomen of Java rise above climate change and an increase in gender-based violence

This case study explores these uneven impacts, the importance of collective active action, and the key role women play in sustainable recovery from Covid-19.

Case studies 1 August 2021

Building women's resilient businesses in Vanuatu

Can an island rise and recover from a cyclone swell through targeted support to women’s owned businesses?

Case studies 31 July 2021

Jamaican women craft vendors get business support

Enhancing resilience when disasters strike

Blogs 31 May 2021

Investing in the lives and livelihoods of India's women during recovery

Post-disaster recovery provides an important opportunity to invest in the lives and livelihoods of women in order to build forward better and increase resilience.

Case studies 31 May 2021

Cultivating change: women farmers in Dominica find new paths to market amidst COVID-19 shutdowns

Women farmers have recently suffered significant loss of income as a result of overlapping disasters. This case study explores how women farmers are being connected to new outlets and market opportunities and supported to do more business online.

Case studies 2 May 2021

The struggle of a women-led business in Vanuatu

Vanuatu micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are facing parallel disasters

Interviews 29 April 2021

Korka Diaw

Meet the president of a farmer's network in Senegal, who empowers women and builds climate resilience through agriculture Senegal.

News 6 April 2021

UNDP strengthens the capacity of Dominica’s female farmers in disaster management