The WRD team puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that women’s narratives and experiences are valued equally as knowledge. The WRD hub provides a platform for women and women’s organisations to share their messages and demands around gender-responsive resilience and for experts to share their insights.

This section allows you to explore: 

  • Women’s perspectives on building the resilience of women and girls to disasters and threats; 
  • WRD Expert insights on enabling gender-responsive and inclusive decision making and practice; 
  • Regional insights including good practice case studies; 
  • The library with the latest resources; and 
  • Recommended platforms for exploring these issues further.
Women's perspectives

WRD Technical Insights

Some of the leading WRD experts have shared insights on key topics relevant for building women’s resilience to disasters.  These range from why gender-responsive and inclusive policy frameworks are important through to how women are successfully building resilient businesses.

Women in Vanuatu visiting a farm
Leading from the frontline in Vanuatu
Inter-generational feminist collaboration for transformative action in the Pacific
The impacts of climate change and natural hazards are compounding structural inequalities and socioeconomic vulnerabilities in the Caribbean. There is therefore growing momentum in the region to address the underlying drivers of unequal disaster risk as a foundation for building women's resilience.
UN Women’s work in West and Central Africa mainly aims at providing high-quality technical and policy advisory services, generating knowledge, developing tools and capacity development initiatives to support country-level programming.

Regional Insights

We are collecting regional resources, insights, and good practices for building women's resilience to disasters.

Explore our regional pages for: 

We will continue to add collections for additional regions.

Women, ICT and emergency telecommunications: opportunities and constraints
Publications | Research
Metodología de análisis de riesgos de desastres locales desde una perspectiva interseccional


Over 1,600 resources…
The Library provides access to key resources, including relevant resources from the PreventionWeb and UN Women websites, as well as new content developed specifically for the WRD Knowledge Hub. The Library allows you to explore the latest publications and documents, tools and guidance, news, blogs, interviews, and case studies shared by disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, resilience, gender equality, and social inclusion practitioners.