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Women's perspectives 3 April 2023

Beyond COP27: Pacific Women Leaders on why women and girls must be included in climate solutions

We spoke to four Pacific Women Leaders, delegates to the recent global United Nations climate change negotiations and advocates in their communities, about the impact of climate change on women and girls in the region, and why it matters so much that their experiences shape climate action.

Women's perspectives 14 November 2021

Women are helping others build alternative livelihoods

Katarina has established a fish hatchery, as a source of juvenile fish for new farmers, helping build their resilience.

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are diversifying their business models for resilience

Aileen’s diversified agri-tourism business model has helped her remain resilient despite being affected by multiple disasters.

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are advocating for inclusivity

"See me for my ability, not for my disability"

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are powerful agents of change

Vitila is working to empower other women. 

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are improving the health resilience of their communities

“…I decided to bring about change in the lives of my people."

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are working together to increase resilience

Seruwaia advocates for knowledge sharing and working together to build resilience.

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are advocating for a voice at the table

As a farmer herself, Lavinia knows the importance of having a voice at the table.

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are facilitating community training

“I try to assist the community in the outer islands to build their resilience against climate change by facilitating trainings."

Women's perspectives 29 August 2021

Women are adapting to climate change

"We need a strong and healthy body to deal with sea level rising."

Women's perspectives 7 August 2021

Women are improving their access to resilient infrastructure

Esther, who works with the Red Cross, is helping communities in Kiribati build forward better.  

Women's perspectives 2 August 2021

Women are central actors in building disaster resilience

“Our ability to adapt is what resilience is all about. Being resilient can help us overcome hardship.”

Women's perspectives 1 May 2021

Women are helping build resilient infrastructure

Vara's advocacy resulted in a new cyclone resilient market building, so: "when Cyclone Harold came, this market was here. The vendors were safe here."

Women's perspectives 12 October 2020

Women are advocating for better access to agriculture services

Laisa shared that as a woman from a farming family, and now running her own farm, she is not always taken seriously.

Women's perspectives 12 October 2020

Men are advocating for women's economic empowerment

Semi believes that men have an important role to play in transforming the social norms that discriminate against women.