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Case studies 31 October 2021

How the fisherwomen of Java rise above climate change and an increase in gender-based violence

This case study explores these uneven impacts, the importance of collective active action, and the key role women play in sustainable recovery from Covid-19.

Case studies 30 September 2021

Gender inequality, earthquake and flood impacts in Albania

Taking into account women’s needs in recovery planning

Case studies 19 September 2021

What is gender inequality costing the Caribbean region?

Countries in the Caribbean are recovering from a recent volcanic eruption, coping with COVID-19, and preparing for the hurricane season. This case study highlights the work of the EnGenDER Project and the gender inequality studies carried out across eight countries to date.

Case studies 1 August 2021

From loss to leadership in Brazil

Women tackle local risk in flood-prone Rio de Janeiro community

Case studies 31 May 2021

The aftermath of disasters in Solomon Islands

Strengthening gender focus

Case studies 2 May 2021

The struggle of a women-led business in Vanuatu

Vanuatu micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are facing parallel disasters

Case studies 30 April 2021

Informing resilience decision making in Grenada and Saint Lucia

Strengthening gender risk and needs data and analysis and use

Case studies 13 December 2019

The gender and age dimensions of a hurricane in Dominica

Gender and age inequality of disaster risk

Case studies 12 December 2019

The gender and age dimensions of floods and drought in Malawi

Understanding the gender and age inequalities of risk

Case studies 11 December 2019

The aftermath of an earthquake in Nepal

Understanding the gender inequalities of risk

Case studies 31 October 2018

Project to empower women in climate change decisions in Cambodia

Securing climate-resilient societies