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Interviews 30 July 2022

Noelene Nabulivou

Meet Noelene Nabulivou, founder of Diverse Voices and Action for Equality or 'DIVA for Equality' in Fiji

Women's perspectives 6 July 2022

Women are coordinating and strengthening resilience networks

The Network of Women-led Organisations in Nigeria coordinates and strengthens the collaboration among members and partners, insuring the inclusion of women and girls in programs and projects.

News 14 March 2022

Australia: Domestic violence increase during disasters

Thirty percent of women experience domestic violence in various circumstances but the rate increases during disasters

News 8 March 2022

First come floods, then domestic violence. We need to prepare for the next inevitable crisis.

News 11 January 2022

In Bihar, women face floods and increasing violence

News 5 December 2021

From victims to leaders: ending gender-based violence in the Lake Chad Basin

Women's perspectives 5 December 2021

Women are giving hope to women

Aissa's organisation provides psychological support to women and girls affected by conflict, crisis and disaster, as well as gender-based violence, teaching them to address trauma and mediate conflict.

Case studies 5 December 2021

From victims to leaders: ending gender-based violence in the Lake Chad Basin

Nearly 30 per cent of girls in Ngatansou’s home in North Cameroon are married before the age of 18, facing loss of education, high rates of maternal mortality, and increased risk of gender-based violence. Today, at 49, Ngatansou is working to change the narrative for women and girls in the Lake Chad Basin – an area encompassing Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria.

News 20 September 2021

Extreme weather events in India made women, children more vulnerable to modern slavery, flags report

Case studies 1 August 2021

Providing vouchers to respond to the urgent needs of economically vulnerable families and women in Palestine

COVID-19 has increased the risk of gender-based violence

News 9 May 2021

Disasters caused by natural hazards linked to increase in triggers for violence against women and girls

News 7 April 2021

Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19

More attention should be paid to women and girls in humanitarian settings, those whose safety has already been reduced due to conflict, natural disaster or displacement.

Women's perspectives 25 February 2021

Women are addressing gender inequalities of disasters including violence against women

“Six to eleven percent of women in ASEAN countries report having been victims of violence against women by a partner in the past 12 months.”

News 29 November 2020

How climate finance can address violence against women and girls

News 14 October 2020

Why should local disaster-risk-reduction-strategies wear gender lens for girls’ safety?

News 13 September 2020

Isiolo County, Kenya: Local radio stations aid in creating awareness on COVID-19 and Gender-Based Violence

News 8 September 2020

In Kyrgyzstan, pandemic-related domestic violence increases vulnerabilities

News 8 September 2020

Women confront pandemic-related violence against women across Europe and Central Asia