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News 14 February 2023

UN Women and the Youth Leaders and Young Professionals (YLYP) Network host event highlighting the role of youth and digital technology for women’s resilience

In the lead up to CSW67, youth activists advanced their key asks related to digital technology to build women's and girls' resilience to disasters

News 26 May 2022

Gender in DRR - Mainstreamed into invisibility

Does gender mainstreaming make it more difficult to ensure women’s concerns are addressed?

News 3 May 2022

Women, low earners ‘prone to disaster-linked depression’

People living in communities affected by disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa are more likely to experience depression, with women, black Africans and low earners most susceptible, analysis suggests.

News 13 April 2022

Floods in South Africa: protecting people must include a focus on women and girls

When disastrous events like floods are combined with social inequities, their effects are much greater.

News 17 March 2022

Leaders call for collective action, elevating marginalized voices and women in decision making roles beyond COVID-19

During the 66th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66), UN Women hosted a side event entitled “Beyond COVID-19: Advancing gender responsive policies on climate, care and jobs for a sustainable and equal future”.

News 10 March 2022

From where I stand: “Put indigenous women and our communities at the centre of climate action”

News 28 February 2022

Explainer: Why women need to be at the heart of climate action

News 3 January 2022

Bringing communities together to prepare for emergencies

Blogs 12 November 2021

The changing nature of the gender inequality of risk in the Caribbean

Moving beyond the “victim lens” and engaging women more effectively.

Blogs 29 October 2021

Gender-responsive and disability-inclusion in disaster risk reduction in Asia Pacific

How international commitments and recommendations are being translated into national DRR frameworks

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are advocating for inclusivity

"See me for my ability, not for my disability"

News 30 June 2021

Germany: Inaction on heat plans threatens health

News 4 May 2021

Climate justice means involving gender and sexual minorities in policy and action

A series of workshops in Indonesia and the Philippines have given a platform to LGBTIQ+ leaders

Blogs 8 March 2021

Open letter from the President of the Global Network of Women for Inclusive Disaster Risk Management to women leaders about Covid-19 and the exclusion of women and girls with disabilities

News 1 March 2021

Palau upholds gender equality, social inclusion in disaster risk management

News 14 February 2021

'You never know if you will be treated properly and with respect."

News 7 January 2021

How racial and gender equality are critical for building climate resilience

News 25 November 2020

Coronavirus shows how hard it is for ethnic minority and migrant women to access healthcare