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Blogs 17 March 2024

What is the Sendai Gender Action Plan?

Blogs 4 January 2024

Advancing gender-transformative disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific

Blogs 6 November 2023

GRRIPP Launch New Reference Guide on Gender and Sexual Minorities in Disaster Risk Reduction

On the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2023, the GRRIPP Reference Guide Task Team launched our latest reference guide, ‘Gender and Sexual Minorities in Disaster Risk Reduction’.

Blogs 17 September 2023

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Overcoming Climate Change Challenges

Climate change is an urgent global challenge that demands immediate action. Its impact is felt across various aspects of our lives, from extreme weather events to the depletion of biodiversity and rising sea levels.

Blogs 2 April 2023

Women’s Resilience to Disasters and Youth Leadership in Advocacy at CSW67

A youth leader shares her experiences on the CSW67 and the key opportunities and challenges for youth advocacy

Blogs 11 August 2022

COPE: helping children and youth prepare for disasters

Author Martha Keswick creates books to help children and youth prepare for disasters.

Blogs 24 July 2022

Inter-generational feminist collaboration for transformative action in the Pacific

Blogs 23 May 2022

How can women’s leadership reduce risks and build resilience?

We asked resilience practitioners, women leaders, gender champions, and experts from around the world why diverse leadership is so important to their work

Blogs 10 May 2022

Leading from the frontline in Vanuatu

Women's leadership in disaster resilience

Blogs 27 February 2022

Responding to critical gaps in knowledge sharing - the Women’s Resilience to Disasters Knowledge Hub

Jeff Roach (Australia) and Paivi Kannisto (UN Women) introduced a joint UN study highlighting a gap in the sharing of tools and guidance for gender-responsive disaster and climate resilience between UN agencies.

Blogs 10 January 2022

Disaggregating disaster deaths data

Ilan confirms the importance of knowing who dies in disasters, how, and why.

Blogs 14 November 2021

Applying a gender lens on post disaster needs assessment in the Caribbean

Kyana shares her experiences of ensuring post disaster needs assessments are gender-responsive and capture the nuanced ways in which disasters affect different groups.

Blogs 13 November 2021

Closing the gender gaps for women's resilience to disasters and climate change

Sarah Selby, a technical adviser for UN Women, talks about the urgent need to close the gender gaps for disaster and climate risk reduction and resilience.

Blogs 12 November 2021

Is disaster risk reduction (wo)men’s work?

Highlighting the missing voices of women in developing and implementing legal frameworks for disaster risk reduction

Blogs 12 November 2021

The changing nature of the gender inequality of risk in the Caribbean

Moving beyond the “victim lens” and engaging women more effectively.

Blogs 12 November 2021

Why gender-responsive disaster risk management matters in the private sector

When the private sector invests in building the resilience of their assets – whether capital, facilities, or employees – it contributes to strengthening local resilience. Working with women on such issues is also an opportunity for greater impact and fast

Blogs 10 November 2021

Building forward through innovative financing for gender equality in the Caribbean

The growing need for gender-responsive financing.

Blogs 10 November 2021

Gender Analysis Guidance and DRR

Identifying the differences between and among women and girls, men and boys, and diverse genders