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Interviews 21 November 2021

Varanisese Maisamoa

Meet Varanisese Maisamoa, who is helping increase women's access to resilient infrastructure in Fiji.

Women's perspectives 14 November 2021

Women are adapting to climate change through climate-smart agriculture

"Understanding climate change has drastically changed the way we work the land."

Case studies 31 August 2021

Women raise the roof in India

Working with women to design safe, resilient housing solutions

Blogs 30 August 2021

“Women in the communities are active participants in building disaster preparedness”

The importance of women's leadership in disaster preparedness in the Philippines.

Women's perspectives 7 August 2021

Women are improving their access to resilient infrastructure

Esther, who works with the Red Cross, is helping communities in Kiribati build forward better.  

Women's perspectives 1 May 2021

Women are helping build resilient infrastructure

Vara's advocacy resulted in a new cyclone resilient market building, so: "when Cyclone Harold came, this market was here. The vendors were safe here."

Case studies 31 March 2021

UN Women helps ease climate risks for women farmers in the mountains of Viet Nam

Women in this mountainous region are getting help to be more climate-resilient

Case studies 22 December 2020

Partnerships for building resilience in the Philippines

Assistance provided to 450 families in waterways communities

News 15 December 2020

In Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction, women masons are breaking gender barriers

News 12 October 2020

Infrastructure for Small Island Developing States

News 23 April 2020

Health emergency collides with water crisis in the Himalayas

News 9 March 2020

Can renewable energy give climate-displaced women in Bangladesh a new beginning?

News 25 November 2019

Study examines women’s ability to adapt effectively to climate change

News 26 September 2018

Women masons help build stronger homes in quake-hit Nepal

News 24 June 2018

Gender in water and sanitation – empowerment by numbers

News 11 May 2018

Calling for a gender approach to 'smart' and 'resilient' cities

News 30 January 2018

How natural disasters undermine schooling

News 22 November 2017

Philippines: All-weather, PWD-friendly evacuation center to rise in Capiz