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News 18 October 2023

Empowering resilience: WRD and partners forge inclusive disaster risk reduction strategies in the pacific

Civil society partners, women’s organizations and organizations for people with disabilities came together for a Talanoa Session on Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion in Disaster Risk Reduction, affirming resilience building that leaves no one behind. 

News 26 June 2023

Accelerating action for gender responsive disaster risk reduction

At a time of growing risks and vulnerabilities, UN Women recognizes the urgent need to optimize the work of the next seven years of the Sendai Framework’s implementation to achieve gender-responsive disaster risk reduction.

Women's perspectives 3 April 2023

Beyond COP27: Pacific Women Leaders on why women and girls must be included in climate solutions

We spoke to four Pacific Women Leaders, delegates to the recent global United Nations climate change negotiations and advocates in their communities, about the impact of climate change on women and girls in the region, and why it matters so much that their experiences shape climate action.

News 26 July 2022

Gender champions share insights on women’s leadership and gender equality in disaster risk reduction

UN Women, in partnership with the Australian Government, organised the first in-person gender champion and gender expert meeting, during the 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

Women's perspectives 6 July 2022

Women are coordinating and strengthening resilience networks

The Network of Women-led Organisations in Nigeria coordinates and strengthens the collaboration among members and partners, insuring the inclusion of women and girls in programs and projects.

Interviews 2 June 2022

Vasiti Soko

Meet Ms. Vasiti Soko, the Director of the National Disaster Management Office of Fiji.

News 28 February 2022

Explainer: Why women need to be at the heart of climate action

News 13 February 2022

Preparing for CSW66: ECOWAS and UN Women organise a virtual regional consultation of West and Central Africa ministers

This news piece was originally published on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Website.

Blogs 13 November 2021

Closing the gender gaps for women's resilience to disasters and climate change

Sarah Selby, a technical adviser for UN Women, talks about the urgent need to close the gender gaps for disaster and climate risk reduction and resilience.

Case studies 31 October 2021

How the fisherwomen of Java rise above climate change and an increase in gender-based violence

This case study explores these uneven impacts, the importance of collective active action, and the key role women play in sustainable recovery from Covid-19.

Interviews 29 October 2021

Pannapa (Aimee) Na Nan

Meet Aimee, a driving force in gender-responsive disaster risk reduction and emergency response in Thailand.

Blogs 13 October 2021

Focus on women and girls matters as disaster risks shift

Riyanti Djalante (ASEAN Secretariat) and Mohammad Naciri (UN Women Asia and the Pacific) share their insights into the importance of regional cooperation for gender-responsive disaster management and progress to date.

News 12 October 2021

Inaugural women’s leadership awards for disaster risk reduction granted to Fijian trailblazer and Indonesian scientist mobilising youth

News 12 October 2021

Women from Latin America and the Caribbean launch network for disaster risk reduction

Women's perspectives 29 September 2021

Women are building the capacities of others to reduce risks

Goundo is working to build women’s capacity to secure their environmental rights and protects their nature-based livelihoods.

Interviews 29 September 2021

Fatoumata Goundo Sissoko

Meet Goundo, who is dedicated to building women's capacity in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, capitalising on existing skills and knowledge.

Case studies 1 August 2021

Providing vouchers to respond to the urgent needs of economically vulnerable families and women in Palestine

COVID-19 has increased the risk of gender-based violence

Case studies 1 August 2021

Building women's resilient businesses in Vanuatu

Can an island rise and recover from a cyclone swell through targeted support to women’s owned businesses?