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Case studies 8 August 2023

Vani Vakatalai: Leading Women in the Community

Vani Vakatalai, District Officer for Tavua in the Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development & Disaster Management, participated in the National Emergency Response Team (NERT) training organized by the Fiji Government, National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and supported by the Women’s Resilience to Disasters (WRD) Programme.

Blogs 11 August 2022

COPE: helping children and youth prepare for disasters

Author Martha Keswick creates books to help children and youth prepare for disasters.

Interviews 2 June 2022

Vasiti Soko

Meet Ms. Vasiti Soko, the Director of the National Disaster Management Office of Fiji.

News 22 March 2022

Integrating protective, gender-transformative and inclusive approaches into anticipatory action: snapshots from Nepal

News 3 January 2022

Bringing communities together to prepare for emergencies

News 1 December 2021

How Bangladesh is beating the odds on climate disaster deaths

Interviews 21 November 2021

Varanisese Maisamoa

Meet Varanisese Maisamoa, who is helping increase women's access to resilient infrastructure in Fiji.

News 11 October 2021

Alluvione: Girl power to combat floods in Indonesia

Blogs 30 August 2021

“Women in the communities are active participants in building disaster preparedness”

The importance of women's leadership in disaster preparedness in the Philippines.

Women's perspectives 2 August 2021

Women are using forecasts to plan ahead

"Climate change is happening."

News 3 November 2020

New gender learning report plays important role in current and future UNDP projects

Blogs 29 October 2020

Gender-transformative hurricane resilience during the COVID-19 crisis

The importance of inclusive hurricane preparedness in the Caribbean.

News 30 September 2020

How some Pacific women are responding to climate change and natural disasters

News 2 September 2020

Insights into behaviour during a fire could improve evacuation planning

News 8 March 2020

Information is power: Women need equal access to ICTs for disaster resilience

News 11 December 2018

We can’t rid Asia of natural disasters. But we can prepare for them

News 21 November 2018

Building towards people-centric early warning systems in the Caribbean

News 3 September 2018

Viet Nam: Weather forecasts for all: Improving access to weather information for women and ethnic minorities