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Interviews 31 October 2022

Vera Karikari Bediako

Meet Vera Karikari Bediako, the Principal Programme Officer at the Department of Gender, Government of Ghana.

Interviews 2 June 2022

Vasiti Soko

Meet Ms. Vasiti Soko, the Director of the National Disaster Management Office of Fiji.

Blogs 14 November 2021

Applying a gender lens on post disaster needs assessment in the Caribbean

Kyana shares her experiences of ensuring post disaster needs assessments are gender-responsive and capture the nuanced ways in which disasters affect different groups.

Case studies 30 September 2021

Gender inequality, earthquake and flood impacts in Albania

Taking into account women’s needs in recovery planning

Case studies 31 May 2021

The aftermath of disasters in Solomon Islands

Strengthening gender focus

Case studies 30 April 2021

Informing resilience decision making in Grenada and Saint Lucia

Strengthening gender risk and needs data and analysis and use

News 7 January 2021

Participatory toolkits help rural marginalised communities make their voices heard on climate change

Case studies 31 October 2018

Project to empower women in climate change decisions in Cambodia

Securing climate-resilient societies

News 7 September 2017

When building climate resilience, women’s needs cannot be an afterthought

News 6 July 2017

Why women? Why now?

News 4 November 2015

Estudios de peligro, vulnerabilidad y riesgos: una herramienta para la toma de decisiones en Cuba

News 9 December 2013

Vulnerability and capacity assessment in the Boeung Chhmar Ramsar site

News 4 December 2012

Mountain vulnerabilities, benefits need attention - experts

News 5 November 2012

Solomon Islands: Government assesses country's food security

News 17 September 2012

PPRD South to hold its final national correspondents meeting

News 10 January 2012

AusAID: 'Being prepared for climate change saves lives and money'