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Interviews 2 June 2022

Vasiti Soko

Meet Ms. Vasiti Soko, the Director of the National Disaster Management Office of Fiji.

News 26 May 2022

Gender in DRR - Mainstreamed into invisibility

Does gender mainstreaming make it more difficult to ensure women’s concerns are addressed?

News 24 May 2022

Heat stress management and gender-sensitive heat adaptation plans in Sri Lanka

Data collection in Colombo

News 2 March 2022

Gender-disaggregated data, crucial to ensuring gender-sensitive response and recovery for displaced women and girls in disaster contexts

Blogs 10 January 2022

Disaggregating disaster deaths data

Ilan confirms the importance of knowing who dies in disasters, how, and why.

News 15 December 2021

Rapid gender analysis in Haiti reveals earthquake-related impacts on women and girls

Blogs 14 June 2021

“Women play a huge role in the disaster sphere”

Developing capacities for gender-responsive data collection systems.

Blogs 10 May 2021

Counting Women in Fiji for risk-informed development

The importance of gender-responsive risk assessments for inclusive development planning

Women's perspectives 25 February 2021

Women are addressing gender inequalities of disasters including violence against women

“Six to eleven percent of women in ASEAN countries report having been victims of violence against women by a partner in the past 12 months.”

News 7 February 2021

People matter – Why quantifying inclusion is key to climate adaptation

Blogs 30 October 2020

The Women’s Resilience to Disasters Knowledge Hub

The importance of quality data and evidence to inform and transform resilience building.

News 2 September 2020

COVID-19 will widen poverty gap between women and men, new data shows

News 30 June 2019

Women may be more vulnerable to climate change but data absent

News 16 April 2019

Data drives dividends

News 23 April 2018

Connecting with the people beyond the computers: my experience in flood risk management in Buenos Aires