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Interviews 31 October 2022

Vera Karikari Bediako

Meet Vera Karikari Bediako, the Principal Programme Officer at the Department of Gender, Government of Ghana.

Women's perspectives 6 July 2022

Women are coordinating and strengthening resilience networks

The Network of Women-led Organisations in Nigeria coordinates and strengthens the collaboration among members and partners, insuring the inclusion of women and girls in programs and projects.

News 17 March 2022

African women to play key roles in mitigating impacts of climate change

News 2 March 2022

Gender-disaggregated data, crucial to ensuring gender-sensitive response and recovery for displaced women and girls in disaster contexts

News 13 February 2022

Preparing for CSW66: ECOWAS and UN Women organise a virtual regional consultation of West and Central Africa ministers

This news piece was originally published on the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Website.

Case studies 5 December 2021

From victims to leaders: ending gender-based violence in the Lake Chad Basin

Nearly 30 per cent of girls in Ngatansou’s home in North Cameroon are married before the age of 18, facing loss of education, high rates of maternal mortality, and increased risk of gender-based violence. Today, at 49, Ngatansou is working to change the narrative for women and girls in the Lake Chad Basin – an area encompassing Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria.

News 5 December 2021

From victims to leaders: ending gender-based violence in the Lake Chad Basin

Women's perspectives 5 December 2021

Women are giving hope to women

Aissa's organisation provides psychological support to women and girls affected by conflict, crisis and disaster, as well as gender-based violence, teaching them to address trauma and mediate conflict.

Women's perspectives 14 November 2021

Women are adapting to climate change through climate-smart agriculture

"Understanding climate change has drastically changed the way we work the land."

Blogs 4 November 2021

Connecting gender, the private sector, and disaster risk management

A need for gender-responsive disaster risk management in the private sector.

News 17 October 2021

Benin: Impact des changements climatiques sur les services en santé de reproduction

News 3 October 2021

The imperative of climate adaption for Africa

Building resilience across societies in an inclusive manner

Women's perspectives 29 September 2021

Women are building the capacities of others to reduce risks

Goundo is working to build women’s capacity to secure their environmental rights and protects their nature-based livelihoods.

Interviews 29 September 2021

Fatoumata Goundo Sissoko

Meet Goundo, who is dedicated to building women's capacity in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, capitalising on existing skills and knowledge.

News 22 September 2021

Kwara, Nigeria: Young women leading the fight for greener and stronger communities during Covid-19

In the Kwara Kwara state of Nigeria, two young women have campaigned for resilient recovery from the pandemic and mobilised youth in the fight for greener, stronger and healthy communities. Azeez Abubakar reports.

News 25 July 2021

Collaboration between gender equality and climate change in Côte d’Ivoire

Ministers meet in Côte d’Ivoire to launch an integrated approach to climate change and gender equality in development planning

Interviews 29 April 2021

Korka Diaw

Meet the president of a farmer's network in Senegal, who empowers women and builds climate resilience through agriculture Senegal.

News 7 April 2021

Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19

More attention should be paid to women and girls in humanitarian settings, those whose safety has already been reduced due to conflict, natural disaster or displacement.