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Blogs 11 August 2022

COPE: helping children and youth prepare for disasters

Author Martha Keswick creates books to help children and youth prepare for disasters.

News 13 April 2022

Floods in South Africa: protecting people must include a focus on women and girls

When disastrous events like floods are combined with social inequities, their effects are much greater.

News 9 March 2022

Risk, resilience and gender in the current Petrópolis tragedy

Women are more vulnerable to disasters because of their social roles, lack of access to resources and political marginalisation.

News 8 March 2022

First come floods, then domestic violence. We need to prepare for the next inevitable crisis.

News 11 October 2021

Alluvione: Girl power to combat floods in Indonesia

Case studies 30 September 2021

Gender inequality, earthquake and flood impacts in Albania

Taking into account women’s needs in recovery planning

Case studies 1 August 2021

From loss to leadership in Brazil

Women tackle local risk in flood-prone Rio de Janeiro community

News 6 April 2021

UNDP strengthens the capacity of Dominica’s female farmers in disaster management

Case studies 28 February 2021

Cash handouts provide lifeline to vulnerable women in Viet Nam facing double impact of pandemic and flooding

Cash handouts provide lifeline to vulnerable women in Viet Nam facing double impact of pandemic and flooding

News 28 February 2021

Kurigram, Bangladesh: Rural women forging together to deal with multiple crises

News 5 January 2021

Women more likely than men to suffer psychological distress from having their homes flooded

News 23 December 2020

Natural hazards and child marriages: A case study from Bihar

News 6 October 2020

Nepal: Why more women die in disasters

Women bear the brunt of most disasters in Nepal because the outmigration of men from the countryside.

News 17 December 2019

How mangrove trees are sowing the seeds of female empowerment in Vietnam

Case studies 12 December 2019

The gender and age dimensions of floods and drought in Malawi

Understanding the gender and age inequalities of risk

News 5 May 2019

Cabo Verde: Solar panels help communities adapt to drought

News 16 April 2019

Disaster risk reduction: Avoiding the inevitable

News 17 March 2019

Growing rice and resilience with women in Mali