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Blogs 11 August 2022

COPE: helping children and youth prepare for disasters

Author Martha Keswick creates books to help children and youth prepare for disasters.

News 1 May 2022

How drought is shifting gender dynamics in northeast Syria

News 6 April 2021

UNDP strengthens the capacity of Dominica’s female farmers in disaster management

Case studies 12 December 2019

The gender and age dimensions of floods and drought in Malawi

Understanding the gender and age inequalities of risk

News 26 August 2019

'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages

News 22 May 2019

Philippines: Early action helps women in farming communities vulnerable to drought

News 5 May 2019

Cabo Verde: Solar panels help communities adapt to drought

News 17 March 2019

Growing rice and resilience with women in Mali

News 13 March 2019

Africa's farmers urgently need climate-proof investment for food security

World leaders must step up spending on adaptation measures for our rapidly warming world

News 10 February 2019

India: As climate change grows more intense, women in battered coastal Odisha step up

News 24 January 2019

Drought in Lesotho heightened HIV risk in girls

News 13 November 2018

'Water from air' quenches threatened girls' thirst in arid Kenya

News 31 October 2018

Local knowledge and the role of knowledge brokers in India

News 30 October 2018

Where goats drink first: Women struggle as coastal India grows saltier

News 2 September 2018

Technology can help Afghanistan better manage its natural disasters

News 17 July 2018

Republic of Marshall Islands strengthens food security measures ahead of future droughts

News 17 July 2018

Bracing for climate change in Bangladesh: Safeguarding development in a warming world

News 24 June 2018

Gender in water and sanitation – empowerment by numbers