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Blogs 11 August 2022

COPE: helping children and youth prepare for disasters

Author Martha Keswick creates books to help children and youth prepare for disasters.

News 7 March 2022

Women reap the rewards of planting mangroves in Bangladesh

News 6 April 2021

UNDP strengthens the capacity of Dominica’s female farmers in disaster management

News 10 March 2021

In Central America, women and girls bear the brunt of storm disaster fallout

Blogs 29 October 2020

Gender-transformative hurricane resilience during the COVID-19 crisis

The importance of inclusive hurricane preparedness in the Caribbean.

Case studies 13 December 2019

The gender and age dimensions of a hurricane in Dominica

Gender and age inequality of disaster risk

News 10 February 2019

India: As climate change grows more intense, women in battered coastal Odisha step up

News 21 November 2018

Building towards people-centric early warning systems in the Caribbean

News 23 August 2018

Women at the helm of cyclone recovery efforts in Tonga

News 17 July 2018

Bracing for climate change in Bangladesh: Safeguarding development in a warming world

News 25 June 2018

Lessons learnt from 2017 Caribbean Hurricane Season

The Caribbean is moving closer to a much-needed regional strategy to strengthen people-centred early warning systems across the islands

News 20 September 2017

In the Caribbean, colonialism and inequality mean hurricanes hit harder

News 29 August 2017

Women are more at risk from disasters like Hurricane Harvey

News 24 February 2016

Fiji: Reproductive health is key to recovery process: UNFPA

News 11 June 2015

Longer-term aid needed to stem spike in baby deaths after disasters

News 8 June 2015

Federated States of Micronesia reviews disaster risk management lessons from typhoons

News 16 April 2015

US: The power of human resilience after major disasters — and the importance of community

News 22 July 2013

Changes afoot to ensure gender aware climate change policies in the Pacific Island countries and territories