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From policy recommendations to practical actions: towards gender transformative practices for Baguio City’s flood early warning system

December 2021

This accompanying publication takes the recommendations from the Baguio City Gender and Inclusion Study and the Policy and Practice Recommendations for a Gender Transformative Flood Early Warning System in Baguio City, and further and outlines the process by which the project developed draft actions with key FEWS stakeholders that can be taken forward to design a gender transformative Flood Early Warning System in Baguio City.

The process of developing actions is part of a longer-term commitment to a gender transformative FEWS. It provides an opportunity and space for stakeholders to think about the bigger picture of what a FEWS might look like in the future with sufficient funding, resources, and capacities.
It provides a roadmap not just for immediately achievable, concrete actions, but also a strategic direction and plan for the foreseeable future andidentifies the resources, relationships, and actions needed to achieve them. Taking this time to think through what that might look like in advance is very valuable, rather than responding to the short term or immediate environment.

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