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The Pacific gender and climate change toolkit for practitioners

March 2021

This toolkit is designed to support climate change practitioners in the Pacific islands region to integrate gender into their programmes and projects. It proposes some principles and practices based on many decades of experience in the integration of a gender perspective in sustainable development, natural resources management and disaster preparedness.

One of the modules is dedicated specifically to the topic of disaster risk reduction. The module presents a series of disaster risk reduction case studies and applies a ‘gender lens’ to each case, looking at gender aspects of the problem and the possible solutions, and offering gender-sensitive approaches and gender-sensitive indicators that could be used in similar situations and projects. These projects do not necessarily represent best practices, but have been shared to illustrate how gender considerations can be taken into account. The tables used to analyse the gender perspective can be used as tools to support screening programme and project design and implementation. The guide also features a gender checklist for disaster risk reduction programmes and projects to help guide this process.