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Guide to strengthening gender integration in climate finance projects

November 2021

This guide presents a framework of recommendations for strengthening gender integration in climate finance projects, with concrete examples and resources to show how it can be done. The guide also shares broader enabling factors and recommendations to inform advocacy and action beyond individual projects, at the climate fund level.

This guide is designed for project teams preparing, designing, implementing and monitoring climate finance projects in developing countries under the four primary multilateral climate funds – the Adaptation Fund (AF), Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Green Climate Fund (GCF) – as well as for those overseeing the approaches of project teams: 

- Implementing entities: National, regional and international entities responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of climate finance projects in developing countries, often working through individual project teams.

- Country focal points: Developing country government actors who have key roles in project development, prioritisation and oversight