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Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Needs Assessment

December 2019

This report assesses the gaps and opportunities for monitoring and evaluating the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP). The FRDP is a regional voluntary action plan that Pacific Island country (PIC) leaders endorsed in 2016 to integrate climate and disaster risk governance for sustainable development. The FRDP states: “A monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework will be developed in consultation with PICTs to be endorsed by PICTs, with support from regional organizations and development partners”.

An informal working group of the Pacific Resilience Partnership (PRP) Taskforce initiated this study to guide the development of an FRDP M&E Framework. The PRP is a governance arrangement approved by Pacific Leaders in 2017 to translate the FRDP from policy to action. As a member of the informal M&E working group of the PRP, the Pacific Community’s (SPC) USAID-funded Institutional Strengthening in Pacific Island Countries to Adapt to Climate Change (ISACC) project initiated and provided technical and financial support for this study.