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Fiji: National climate change policy 2018-2030

July 2018

The Fijian Government recognises that climate change threatens central national constitutional commitments and has endorsed the National Climate Change Policy (2018–2030) as a central policy instrument to protect Fiji’s development priorities from current, future, and intergenerational climate change risks. The NCCP serves to anchor Fiji’s national climate change response and nationally determined commitment under the Paris agreement within national policy and planning processes. The NCCP provides the overarching objectives that will define the evolution of Fiji’s climate change adaptation and mitigation targets and support the delivery of the priorities set out within the NDP and SDGs. The NCCP creates the mandate for the National Adaptation Process and the Low Emissions Development Strategy. Finally, the NCCP provides the basis, rationale and guidance for progressing national climate change legislation, in the form of a National Climate Change Act. The National Climate Change Act will create the revised institutional arrangements and governance architecture required to institutionalise Fiji’s climate change response under national law.