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This document highlights the impact of volunteers in times of crisis, which fosters a greater understanding of the role of volunteers in the humanitarian field and in disaster risk reduction. Citing the Hyogo Framework for Action, which explicitly recognizes the added value and contribution of volunteerism to disaster risk management, it features volunteerism’s role in strengthening community capacities to respond to and prevent disasters. It reports on UNV’s involvement in this area, focusing on supporting countries and situations where there is an identified risk and high vulnerability to disaster.

It reports on UNV's interventions in: (i) Indonesia tsunami response; (ii) Sri Lanka tsunami response; (iii) India disaster mitigation; (iv) quelling post-election violence in Kenya; (v) Haiti earthquake response; and (vi) what UNV can do in capacity development, coordination, development and implementation of plans, public awareness, risk assessment, community involvement and gender participation.