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Join the COPE squad as they embark on their first risk reduction adventure in China, where they see the devastating effects of a long period without rainfall in Yunnan Province. Learn alongside the squad as Grand mistress Fu teaches them all about droughts, the impact on farming and communities, and how to conserve water during a drought by remembering the key message: 

Every drop counts ?

With stunning illustrations of the famous Pu’er tea plantations, fun characters, and a story that gently explains the connection between climate change and droughts, this new COPE adventure will delight and educate children in understanding the world around them, and how they can play a part in water conservation during a drought.

Written in collaboration with disaster risk reduction experts: Professor Ziqiang Han of Shandong UniversityChina and Associate Professor Yang Wanqiu of Yunnan UniversityChina.
Additional editorial guidance on children’s rights perspectives and disaster risk reduction from UNICEF East Asia and Pacific.

Expert weather advice provided by The National Climate Centre, China and COPE’s Scientific Advisors – The World Meteorological Organization and The Hong Kong Observatory.
Special thanks to Professor Francilene Machado, Daniela Prometi and Messias Ramos Costa at the University of Brazil for their ongoing advice with LIBRAS sign language.