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Women's perspectives 5 December 2021

Women are giving hope to women

Aissa's organisation provides psychological support to women and girls affected by conflict, crisis and disaster, as well as gender-based violence, teaching them to address trauma and mediate conflict.

News 2 December 2021

International Women’s Day 2022: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”

News 1 December 2021

How Bangladesh is beating the odds on climate disaster deaths

Interviews 21 November 2021

Varanisese Maisamoa

Meet Varanisese Maisamoa, who is helping increase women's access to resilient infrastructure in Fiji.

News 18 November 2021

Mitigating gender-based violence risks

How anticipatory action supports safety and access to services for women and girls

Women's perspectives 14 November 2021

Women are adapting to climate change through climate-smart agriculture

"Understanding climate change has drastically changed the way we work the land."

Women's perspectives 14 November 2021

Women are helping others build alternative livelihoods

Katarina has established a fish hatchery, as a source of juvenile fish for new farmers, helping build their resilience.

Blogs 14 November 2021

Applying a gender lens on post disaster needs assessment in the Caribbean

Kyana shares her experiences of ensuring post disaster needs assessments are gender-responsive and capture the nuanced ways in which disasters affect different groups.

Blogs 13 November 2021

Closing the gender gaps for women's resilience to disasters and climate change

Sarah Selby, a technical adviser for UN Women, talks about the urgent need to close the gender gaps for disaster and climate risk reduction and resilience.

Blogs 12 November 2021

Is disaster risk reduction (wo)men’s work?

Highlighting the missing voices of women in developing and implementing legal frameworks for disaster risk reduction

Blogs 12 November 2021

The changing nature of the gender inequality of risk in the Caribbean

Moving beyond the “victim lens” and engaging women more effectively.

Blogs 12 November 2021

Why gender-responsive disaster risk management matters in the private sector

When the private sector invests in building the resilience of their assets – whether capital, facilities, or employees – it contributes to strengthening local resilience. Working with women on such issues is also an opportunity for greater impact and fast

Blogs 10 November 2021

Building forward through innovative financing for gender equality in the Caribbean

The growing need for gender-responsive financing.

Blogs 10 November 2021

Gender Analysis Guidance and DRR

Identifying the differences between and among women and girls, men and boys, and diverse genders

News 8 November 2021

COP26: why education for girls is crucial in the fight against climate change

Blogs 4 November 2021

Connecting gender, the private sector, and disaster risk management

A need for gender-responsive disaster risk management in the private sector.

Case studies 31 October 2021

How the fisherwomen of Java rise above climate change and an increase in gender-based violence

This case study explores these uneven impacts, the importance of collective active action, and the key role women play in sustainable recovery from Covid-19.

Blogs 29 October 2021

Gender-responsive and disability-inclusion in disaster risk reduction in Asia Pacific

How international commitments and recommendations are being translated into national DRR frameworks