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News 28 March 2012

UN development chief hails progress in Haiti two years after the quake

News 25 March 2012

L’Administratrice du PNUD salue les progrès réalisés en Haïti deux ans après le séisme

News 22 March 2012

Motivating and supporting women’s role in civil protection

News 20 March 2012

República Dominicana: Expertas procuran respuestas frente a impactos ambientales

News 12 March 2012

Mangrove restoration protects Guyana's coast and creates a buzz

News 8 March 2012

Trinidad and Tobago: ODPM commemorates international women’s day - Highlighting women in disaster risk reduction

News 8 March 2012

Philippines: Women seeks involvement in disaster risk reduction measures

News 7 March 2012

Philippines: LGUs underscore role of women as powerful agents of change, particularly in disaster risk reduction

News 7 March 2012

Nepal: International women’s day - Like a spear

News 7 March 2012

DARA: Humanitarian Response Index 2011 identifies lack of prevention-oriented strategies

News 29 February 2012

Yemen: Urgent actions needed to overcome climate change impact ‎

News 22 February 2012

Rural women in Viet Nam train for a rainy day

News 22 February 2012

Leadership in communities: Thai women preparing for natural disasters

News 15 February 2012

México: 'Mujeres, las más vulnerables ante los desastres naturales' - Secretaria de protección civil

News 8 February 2012

A better life - without damaging the planet

News 30 January 2012

OECS: Stakeholders design harmonized disaster risk reduction protocol

News 10 January 2012

AusAID: 'Being prepared for climate change saves lives and money'

News 21 February 2010

Nepal: Launch of South Asian network of grassroots women leaders for community resilience