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Interviews 31 July 2022

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls

Meet Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, the Regional Representative of the Shifting the Power Coalition in Fiji.

News 17 October 2021

Benin: Impact des changements climatiques sur les services en santé de reproduction

Women's perspectives 12 October 2021

Women are providing critical support during the COVID-19 outbreak

Jannatul and her team are supporting women and girls to cope with simultaneous hazards.

Case studies 31 May 2021

Cultivating change: women farmers in Dominica find new paths to market amidst COVID-19 shutdowns

Women farmers have recently suffered significant loss of income as a result of overlapping disasters. This case study explores how women farmers are being connected to new outlets and market opportunities and supported to do more business online.

News 8 September 2020

Turkish and Syrian women manifest solidarity to respond to COVID-19

News 6 September 2020

Solomon Islands students ensure schools and communities are safe

News 3 September 2020

The moms are not alright

News 2 September 2020

The moms are not alright: How coronavirus pandemic policies penalize mothers

News 1 July 2020

COVID-19 pandemic: 5 lessons learnt on integrating gender into climate risk insurance schemes

News 23 April 2020

Health emergency collides with water crisis in the Himalayas

Blogs 13 April 2020

How to reduce gender violence during the pandemic and beyond

The need for system-wide change, coordination, and capacity development

News 4 December 2019

Climate crisis could reverse progress in achieving gender equality

News 7 May 2019

Mexico: The case for gender approaches to urban resilience – Experience from Coyuca

Experience from Coyuca

Women's perspectives 15 February 2019

Women are improving access to social safety nets for marginalised groups

"My role is to ensure that all Cambodians benefit from the improved social safety net."

News 9 January 2019

The big picture: measuring efforts to build resilience

News 2 January 2019

Weather, climate and gender: Promoting gender equality in rural climate services

Blogs 22 November 2017

Protecting women and girls from violence in disasters

Jennifer First, from the University of Missouri discusses the rise in violence against women and girls in the aftermath of disasters, and stresses the importance of connecting gender-based violence services with disaster-related services.

News 5 March 2015

Index-Insurance: Protecting women farmers against weather risk