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Case studies 4 August 2022

RISE 2030: Women for results

The first all-women solar team in Lebanon challenges the gender stereotypes in the male-dominated construction sector

News 1 May 2022

How drought is shifting gender dynamics in northeast Syria

News 15 October 2020

Walk a mile in her shoes: Building rural women’s climate-resilience in the wake of COVID-19

News 8 September 2020

Turkish and Syrian women manifest solidarity to respond to COVID-19

News 8 September 2020

Across Europe and Central Asia, women confront economic impacts of the pandemic

News 2 April 2020

Europe braces for domestic abuse 'perfect storm' amid coronavirus lockdown

News 5 December 2016

Women for Green Iraq platform established to promote gender in disaster risk reduction and environmental policies

News 17 November 2014

Second session of the Preparatory Committee for the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction: summary of the discussion (part 2)

News 15 April 2013

Jordan readies its first policy on climate change

News 4 December 2012

World Bank: Facing up to the threat of climate change in the Arab world

News 12 November 2012

Arab women's role in energy and climate change highlighted on sidelines of World Economic Forum in UAE

News 18 October 2012

Lebanon: U.N. official supports new proposed disaster planning law

News 13 August 2012

Yemen: Time running out for solution to water crisis

News 1 May 2012

Community-based adaptation in Morocco: Successful community engagement for increased resilience and better livelihoods

News 12 April 2012

Improving prevention, response among top priorities, says Assembly President

News 22 March 2012

Motivating and supporting women’s role in civil protection

News 29 February 2012

Yemen: Urgent actions needed to overcome climate change impact ‎