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How Bangladesh is beating the odds on climate disaster deaths

1 December 2021

By Léopold Salzenstein and Rafiqul Islam Montu


Bangladesh now collects meteorological data through a network of more than 50 weather stations, balloons, and radars.


Bangladesh’s weather agency feeds forecasts to national and local disaster mitigation committees, which send early warnings that involve multiple layers: radio announcements, targeted text messages to people who may be affected, television alerts, announcements broadcast over speakers in mosques, and volunteers going door to door. 


Volunteer gender parity – which has been in place since 2020 – has helped increase the safety of shelters for women, but it has also helped with evacuations. Because women are often in charge of taking care of families, they have typically been the last to evacuate, Ahmadul Haque, director of the CPP, told The New Humanitarian in October.


“Our parents did not learn about disasters when they were young, but we do,” said Sadhu, “Climate change will bring bigger disasters in the future, but we know we can prepare for them. We are not afraid.

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