WRD Expert Register

WRD Expert Register

Purpose of the WRD Expert Register

The Expert Register allows you to identify experts on women's leadership and gender equality in disaster and climate risk reduction and resilience from different regions or specialising in key WRD topics.

How does the WRD Expert Register work?

All WRD Experts have gone through a careful selection and vetting process. WRD Experts receive access to the latest tools and knowledge, and have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in a dedicated sub-community.  Experts are grouped by topics and subtopics of expertise, by geographical area of expertise, and by languages spoken. To consult a WRD Expert, please contact us.

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64 Results found.
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Job title: Gender expert
Location: Tajikistan
Job title: Executive director
Location: United States of America
Emilie Combaz
Job title: Researcher and consultant in social sciences
Location: France
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Job title: Director of studies
Location: Nepal
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Job title: Environmental services consultant
Location: Netherlands
Headshot of Irene Dawa
Job title: GBV and SRH Specialist
Location: South Africa
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Job title: Senior policy advisor and gender equality lead, resilience
Location: Canada
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Job title: Coordinator
Location: Cameroon
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Job title: Co-director
Location: Australia
Job title: Chairperson and Associate Professor (Department of Sociology and Behavioral Sciences)
Location: Philippines