Where do we stand: Global and regional perspectives on implementing the Sendai Framework

25 May 2022

This High-Level Dialogue during GPDRR2022 presented a comprehensive stock-take of progress towards global, regional, national and local disaster risk reduction commitments. It considered the challenges faced and the enabling environment needed to achieve the goals of the Sendai Framework and catalyse synergies across the post-2015 commitments in the count-down towards 2030. 

The objectives of the High-Level Dialogue were the following: 

  • Benchmark progress towards Sendai Framework implementation 
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for inclusive, integrated, sustainable, and localised implementation of the Sendai Framework at global, regional and national level 
  • Recommend good practices to accelerate achievement of the Sendai Framework goals and targets by 2030, identifying the way forward for accelerating progress.

The session was guided by the following guide questions:

Where do we stand on Sendai Framework implementation?  

  • Are we on track to reach the expected outcomes, goals and targets by 2030? 
  • What are key good practices, experience and learning at regional level?  
  • What are we learning from recent global DRR policy stocktaking processes? 

How do we strengthen our understanding of risk?  

  • How to strengthen the evidence base for DRR and incorporate risk analysis at all levels of policy, programming and action? 

How do we accelerate progress?  

  • How to promote an effective enabling environment for comprehensive disaster risk management and achieving the Sendai Framework?  
  • What is needed to hardwire disaster and climate risk into humanitarian and development policy and action in order to catalyse synergies across the post-2015 commitments? 

How do we work together?  

  • How to strengthen international cooperation for disaster risk reduction that is multi-hazard, multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, and multi-stakeholder? 
  • Way forward: what are the foremost priorities for action towards 2030?