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COP27 Gender Day

The Gender Day at the COP27 is scheduled on the 14th of November 2022 from 09:00-17:00 Cairo Time (UTC+2).

The role of women in dealing with all aspects of the climate change challenge is central, crucial and indispensable. Women continue to bear a disproportionate burden from the adverse impacts of climate change, and despite some progress having been made over recent years, the gender perspective needs further work to be fully integrated into the processes of formulating and implementing policies and actions on the ground. The Gender Day aims to bring this issue to the forefront and to provide a platform to discuss existing challenges and to share success stories from around the world with a view to increasing awareness and sharing experiences and promoting gender sensitive and responsive policies, strategies and actions. The day will shed light on the woman’s role in adapting to climate change.

The Gender Day is made up of the following events:

  1. Headline Event: Women's Agency in Climate Dialogues and Implementation, Win Win for All
  2. High-Level Panel: Voice of Women Leaders in Climate Debates, Policies, Implementation & Beyond
  3. Women and Climate Change Finance
  4. African Women Climate Change Realities: Adaptation, Mitigation & Response
  5. COVID-19 & Climate Change: Women at the Center of Planning & Response
  6. Women Livelihood within Just Transition
  7. Closure of the Gender Day and Press Conference.