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About the WRD Policy Tracker

About the WRD Policy Tracker


The WRD Policy Tracker follows the progress of gender-responsive and inclusive legal, policy, and planning frameworks in 193 UN Member States. It helps analyse comparative progress across regions and countries, and highlights good practice.


The WRD Policy Tracker considers the following:

  • The high-risk groups identified in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • LGBTQIA+ groups, which are not referenced in the Sendai Framework.
  • Laws, policies, strategies, and plans at the regional and national level, and if available on the internet, the subnational level.
  • Disaster risk reduction and management policies as well as climate change, and risk informed development and resilience frameworks.
  • The level of inclusion in policy development, which can range from tokenistic consultation, through to meaningful participation of one or several high-risk groups.


The WRD Policy Tracker provides an overview of which countries are including high-risk groups in their legal and policy frameworks through an interactive map and related table interface.

Analysis comparing countries at the global and regional levels, analysis for high-risk groups, and examples of good practice, can be found by clicking on the relevant tabs.

We will be periodically updating the WRD Policy Tracker – at least once every six months. However, if you are aware of any new gender-responsive frameworks we've missed, or have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact us.