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UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery 2009 Annual Report

June 2010

This report highlights a range of BCPR's 2009 key achievements in (i) conflict prevention and recovery, (ii) early recovery, (iii) disaster risk reduction and recovery, and (iii) gender equality in crisis prevention and recovery. It includes their efforts on preventing and mitigating disasters, such as the series of devastating typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes which struck southeast Asia and many South Pacific countries in September and October 2009.

The report highlights BCPR's work in conflict and post-conflict situations while restoring healthy societies after crisis, providing opportunities for the poorest and most vulnerable, protecting communities from violence, and empowering women to meaningfully contribute to their country’s recovery. It also reports on help in building both government and community-level capacity to cope with weather-related crises, and on climate change risks efforts with comprehensive country programmes while leveraging global partnerships.