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Summary report of the evaluation of the Regional Prepositioning Initiative

February 2021

The Regional Prepositioning Initiative aims to ensure that the lifesaving needs of women and girls in humanitarian crises across the Asia Pacific region are met by governments, UN agencies, national actors and key stakeholders through:

  • Prepositioning supplies in disaster-prone countries and regional hubs to respond to sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence needs;
  • Building capacity to meet the health and protection needs of women and girls during emergencies;
  • Advocating for the needs of women, girls and marginalised groups such as people living with disabilities, to be prioritised in humanitarian response through consultations and strategic dialogues.

An external evaluation of the Regional Prepositioning Initiative Phase II (2016-2020) was conducted in 2019-2020. The evaluation had three objectives:

  • To provide an independent, external and objective assessment of the programme;
  • To provide recommendations that could help guide future humanitarian preparedness and response investments in UNFPA APRO from DFAT;
  • To inform UNFPA’s humanitarian work in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

Conducting an evaluation of the Regional Prepositioning Initiative was a requirement in the agreement between UNFPA and DFAT, and was also recommended in the Thematic Paper on Supply Chain Management for Humanitarian Commodities within the Evaluation of the UNFPA capacity in humanitarian action.