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Integrating gender dimensions in the Myanmar climate-smart villages

November 2021

This paper assesses ways of integrating gender dimensions in the Myanmar climate-smart villages. The Climate-Smart Village (CSV) features a participatory platform that helps address climate change impacts on agriculture in farming communities, taking into consideration the climate-smart agriculture (CSA) options that are ecologically, culturally and gender-responsive. Its design includes providing a portfolio of practices, technologies and innovations that address food security, adaptation and mitigation and support services. In 2017, the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) established four CSVs designed to serve as action research, learning and demonstration sites for engaging partner communities in community-based adaptation. The CSA program in Myanmar put special attention to studying and responding to the needs of women in smallholder agriculture, their involvement in livelihood activities in the midst of climate hazards and risks; the study attempted to draw implications for ensuring equal opportunities for women in CSA.

Concluding, this research suggests a need for integrating gender considerations that will support the re-designing of CSVs that will help address practical gender needs of women, especially those exposed to high climatic risks as demonstrated in the CSVs in Myanmar. Based on the results it is reassuring that there were CSA options available that promoted women’s economic empowerment.