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Building climate resilience in Asia and the Pacific region

November 2021

This study examines six projects under the International Fund for Agricultural Development's (IFAD) Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Program (ASAP), in three principal ecosystems of the Asia and Pacific region: a mountainous region, wetlands and a river delta. It derived four main recommendations for improving the design and effectiveness of adaptation projects both in the region and elsewhere. These projects in the region offer a host of valuable lessons that can be applied in the design and implementation of other climate change adaptation projects targeting smallholder farmers and rural communities around the world.

Looking closely at five of the six projects in Asia and the Pacific region, this report aims to identify resilience-building innovations developed and lessons learned by analysing project case studies. These innovations can inform and inspire all involved in building climate resilience in farming communities and will feed into ASAP+, the new phase of ASAP to expand activities related to smallholder adaptation and resilience building. ASAP+ aims to raise US$500 million to enhance the climate resilience of 10 million vulnerable people, particularly women and youth.