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Adaptation to a changing climate in the Arab countries: a case for adaptation governance and leadership in building climate resilience

December 2012

This report assesses the potential effects of climate change on the Arab region and outlines possible approaches and measures to prepare for its consequences. It offers ideas and suggestions for Arab policymakers as to what mitigating actions may be needed in rural and urban settings to safeguard key areas such as health, water, agriculture, and tourism. The report also analyzes the differing impacts of climate change, with special attention paid to gender, as a means of tailoring strategies to address specific vulnerabilities.

The report suggests that countries and households will need to diversify their production and income generation, integrate adaptation into all policy-making and activities, and ensure a sustained national commitment to address the social, economic, and environmental consequences of climate variability. It was prepared through a consultative process with Government and other stakeholders in the Arab world.