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Photo: UN Women

Conference session

Early Warning System driven by risk information

This III-MHEW Conference session is organised by UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER and supported by UN Women

This III-MHEW Conference session is led by UNOOSA/UN-SPIDER, CTBTO, JRC, UNDP, UNDRR, WMO and supported by UN Women. It will be held on Mon 23 May from 16:00-17:00 (Bali time).

This session will showcase: 

  • How early warning systems are enhanced using improved information at different levels (global, national, regional) on hazards, exposure, and vulnerability (e.g., disaggregated data, community knowledge, gender analysis).   

  • How information on past events, damage, and loss associated enable impact-based forecasting and identification of the most effective early action to minimize the impact on those most at-risk and vulnerable. 

  • How communities at risk benefit from early warning systems driven by risk information. 

  • Examples of current trends, advances and challenges identified in the use of risk information in MHEWS.  

  • Examples of new sources of information to improve several types of MHEWS. 

  • The use of Information and Communication Technologies to enhance the use of risk information in MHEWS. 

This session will address: 

  • Challenges regarding the use of updated risk information to improve MHEWS. 

  • Challenges to the inclusion and targeting of all marginalised groups and benefits of community and women-led MHEWS. 

  • The combined use of risk information generated at the international, regional, and national levels to improve early warning - early action efforts at the local level.