Women's Perspectives

The Network of Women-led Organisations in Nigeria coordinates and strengthens the collaboration among members and partners, insuring the inclusion of women and girls in programs and projects.
Ms Husna Ibrahim Abdullahi, President of the Network of Women-led Organisation - Yobe State, and the Executive Director of Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative (WOYEIN), West and Central Africa
Vasiti Soko, the first woman Director of Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office, and the winner of the WIN DRR leadership award 2021 reflects on the benefits of women's leadership in reducing disaster risks.
Ms. Vasiti Soko, Director of Fiji’s National Disaster Management Office, Pacific
Dr. Riyanti Djalante explains why women’s leadership can reduce vulnerability and exposure to disaster and climate risks.
Dr Rijanti Djalante, Assistant Director for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, ASEAN Secretariat., Asia
Aissa's organisation provides psychological support to women and girls affected by conflict, crisis and disaster, as well as gender-based violence, teaching them to address trauma and mediate conflict.
Aissa Doumara Ngatansou, co-founder of the Association for the Fight against Violence against Women in Cameroon, West and Central Africa
Katarina has established a fish hatchery, as a source of juvenile fish for new farmers, helping build their resilience.
Katarina Baleisuva, Tilapia farmer and President of Tilapia Fiji, Pacific
"Understanding climate change has drastically changed the way we work the land."
Korka Diaw, President of REFAN, Network of Women Farmers, North of Senegal, Northern Africa and Middle East
Jannatul and her team are supporting women and girls to cope with simultaneous hazards.
Jannatul Mouwa, Executive Director of Best Initiative National Development Unification, Bangladesh, Asia
Seruwaia advocates for knowledge sharing and working together to build resilience.
Seruwaia Kubukubu, Dairy and mushroom farmer - Naitasiri Women in Dairy, Fiji, Pacific
"See me for my ability, not for my disability"
Naomi Tai, Advocate, People with Disability, Solomon Islands, Pacific
“…I decided to bring about change in the lives of my people."
Pelenise Alofa, National Coordinator of the Kiribati Climate Action Network, Kiribati, Pacific