Papua New Guinea disaster management reference handbook
Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance
Topics: Policies

The disaster management reference handbook series is intended to provide decision-makers, planners, responders and disaster management practitioners with an overview of the disaster management structure, policies, laws, and plans for each country covered in the series. Natural and man-made threats most likely to affect the country are discussed.

The handbooks also provide basic country background information, including cultural, demographic, geographic, infrastructure, and other relevant data. Conditions such as poverty, water and sanitation, vulnerable groups, and other humanitarian issues are included. A basic overview of the health situation in the country and disease surveillance is also covered. The handbooks include information on key national entities involved in disaster management, disaster response and preparation, and the military’s role in disaster relief. Information on United Nation agencies, NGOs, and key U.S. agencies and programs in the country, are also provided.