Overview of linkages between gender and climate change
Global Gender and Climate Alliance
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
Eastern and Southern Africa
West and Central Africa

This policy brief addresses the direct relationship between gender equality, women’s empowerment and climate change. The document considers that: (i) climate change could deepen poverty and reverse progress toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals; (ii) climate change affects men and women differently; (iii) empowerment of women is vital to the efficacy of climate change projects and policies; and (iv) gives four recommendations for action, such as bringing women into the planning, financing and implementation of climate responses, including adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

The document is part of a series of policy briefs on gender and climate change for practitioners and policymakers in Africa. It is designed to facilitate the work of the regional and national cadres of experts and other partners in Africa in mainstreaming gender into climate change policy and programming.