Nepal: Ministry of Environment launches an international conference of mountain countries on climate change



According to the Himalayan Times, the Ministry of Environment launched a two-day International Conference of Mountain Countries on Climate Change in Kathmandu. The programme aims to reduce the vulnerability of 2 million women and men in the Mid and Far Western regions of Nepal where the impacts of climate change are already being felt.

"We are very pleased to see that the government of Nepal is taking steps to develop policies and programmes for climate resilience, such as the implementation of the National Adaptation Programme of Action through Local Adaptation Plans for Action," said EU representative Dr. Alexander Spachis. In addition, Phipip Marker of the UK Climate Change Envoy for Asia promised that "the UK’s support for NCCSP will have a specific focus on helping women and disadvantaged communities and cope with the challenges brought by climate change. The UK plans to provide further support in the future.”

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