Mobilising women's leadership solutions for protection and recovery in a time of COVID-19 and TC Harold
ActionAid - Australia
Australian Agency for International Development

COVID19 has placed an unprecedented burden on the health, social and economic systems of Pacific Island Countries (PICs). As governments address immediate public health responses and national prevention measures, they also need to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups and manage the social and economic impacts of this pandemic.

This report draws on information from the Shifting the Power Coalition’s network of women leaders and focal points, including young women and women with disabilities, across six Pacific Island countries. Drawing on our strong community networks and lived experience, its intent is to inform and drive localised, women-led recovery efforts in the immediate to medium-term through organised advocacy and the provision of gender-responsive services.

The findings and recommendations presented in this report draw from an online questionnaire and focus group interviews with women leaders representing diverse constituencies across six countries. It also draws on some secondary sources.2 As the Coalition found with the Samoa measles epidemic (2019) and now with COVID-19, gender inequalities influence access to healthcare, resources, and information, all of which play a role in prevention, early intervention, and treatment.