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News 11 August 2023

Latinas for Climate: meet the young Latinas championing climate justice

As climate-related disasters escalate in frequency and intensity, Latinas for Climate has emerged as a beacon of hope for young Latinas to elevate their voices to influence climate justice at the country, regional and global levels and make a meaningful impact.

Blogs 23 May 2022

How can women’s leadership reduce risks and build resilience?

We asked resilience practitioners, women leaders, gender champions, and experts from around the world why diverse leadership is so important to their work

News 9 March 2022

Risk, resilience and gender in the current Petrópolis tragedy

Women are more vulnerable to disasters because of their social roles, lack of access to resources and political marginalisation.

News 7 March 2022

Five examples of gender-sensitive solutions to displacement linked with climate change

News 27 February 2022

Explainer: how gender inequality and climate change are interconnected

News 15 December 2021

Rapid gender analysis in Haiti reveals earthquake-related impacts on women and girls

Blogs 14 November 2021

Applying a gender lens on post disaster needs assessment in the Caribbean

Kyana shares her experiences of ensuring post disaster needs assessments are gender-responsive and capture the nuanced ways in which disasters affect different groups.

Blogs 12 November 2021

The changing nature of the gender inequality of risk in the Caribbean

Moving beyond the “victim lens” and engaging women more effectively.

Blogs 10 November 2021

Building forward through innovative financing for gender equality in the Caribbean

The growing need for gender-responsive financing.

News 12 October 2021

Women from Latin America and the Caribbean launch network for disaster risk reduction

Case studies 19 September 2021

What is gender inequality costing the Caribbean region?

Countries in the Caribbean are recovering from a recent volcanic eruption, coping with COVID-19, and preparing for the hurricane season. This case study highlights the work of the EnGenDER Project and the gender inequality studies carried out across eight countries to date.

Women's perspectives 2 August 2021

Women are using forecasts to plan ahead

"Climate change is happening."

Case studies 1 August 2021

From loss to leadership in Brazil

Women tackle local risk in flood-prone Rio de Janeiro community

News 5 July 2021

The case for equity to reduce disaster risk: an analysis of Bolivia

Case studies 31 May 2021

Cultivating change: women farmers in Dominica find new paths to market amidst COVID-19 shutdowns

Women farmers have recently suffered significant loss of income as a result of overlapping disasters. This case study explores how women farmers are being connected to new outlets and market opportunities and supported to do more business online.

Case studies 30 April 2021

Informing resilience decision making in Grenada and Saint Lucia

Strengthening gender risk and needs data and analysis and use

News 6 April 2021

UNDP strengthens the capacity of Dominica’s female farmers in disaster management

News 10 March 2021

In Central America, women and girls bear the brunt of storm disaster fallout